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Oakwood "Lasting Shine" Horse Shampoos 
Aloe Vera Mane and Tail Conditioner
'Coat Glow' Main & Tail Polish plus Detangler   

Green Formula Shampoo
 Bays, Chestnuts etc.,
Dark Horse
s, & Dogs




Blue Formula Sampoo
Grays, Paints, Palominos &
Black & White Dogs  


Oakwood Horse Shampoo  contains citronella  to repel flies 
and insects, plus tea tree oil and eucalyptus to heal and soothe the skin.  
Oakwood "Lasting Shine" horse shampoo imparts a high luster "show quality shine" to the coat.  

  • Tea Tree oil - Natural Australian bush ingredient which cleanses abrasions, 
    & rashes while soothing aches and sprains.
  • Citronella - Helps eliminate flies and insects. On horses it lasts up to four days
    thus cutting down on chemical sprays.
  • Eucalyptus Oil - Aids in the cleaning of coat and is also a natural antiseptic.

Oakwood Green horse shampoo is for darker coats.  Oakwood Blue horse shampoo really "pops" the whites in a coat, removes yellow stains from tails.  Horses shine afterwards.

 All 33.8 fl. oz. bottles are made from strong, durable plastic.  Ingredients are biodegradable.


Manes, Tails and Coats Will Shine!

  • For manes and tails, Oakwood "Aloe Vera" mane and tail conditioner is to be used after shampooing.  
  • Special moisturizing agents and Aloe Vera gives show-winning grooming results, leaving the mane, tail and coat soft and shiny, while preventing tangling
  • It is extra light in consistency and has a wonderful fragrance.  This Aloe Vera Conditioner is a specially formulated conditioner to be safe and gentle, even for human use.  The gals love it!
  • All ingredients are biodegradable.

'Coat Glow' Main & Tail Polish plus Detangler

Great for Touch-up and Detangling Manes
Adds a brilliant shine to the horse's coat while also giving a tangle free main and tail, reducing hair breakage. It's Oil Free

Aloe Vera
for manes & tails, coats



33.8 Fl. oz. (1 Liter) Plastic Bottle

Mane & Tail Polish
 & Detangler



500 ml (16.9 fl. oz)

"Enjoy the Aussie Advantage" 

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